Detail, table with embedded
Peters map of Africa, chairs, books and pens.

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View looking south from
Division Street

Installation on Division Street, Chicago

Eight-month installation, 1991-92
1751-53 W. Division Street, two adjacent lots

Mixed-media. 5 window constructions,
5 tables with 20 chairs,
20 books and 20 pens

Project Notes

My goal in this project was to create a public art installation that could foster communication among culturally and economically diverse groups of people in the neighborhood that area usually isolated from each other—a platform for people who don't normally have the opportunity to express their opinions.

I created a small temporary park that allowed people who otherwise might not have contact with each other to engage in dialogue or respond, in writing, to issues concerning "division."

Detail of 14 foot high window construction of metal mesh and mirror shards next to table and chairs.