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Where the Buffalo Roam


right and far right:
Plastic bags and
bottles, broken glass, and food wrappers
are among the components of
the installation.


Rejectamenta: 5th Annual Gross Park Sculptural Invitational | Chicago

I gleaned objects from the Rose Garden in Humboldt Park, located at Division and Humboldt Boulevard, as well as walks from my home to the park and back during March, April and May of 2004.

Most of what I gleaned is documented in this book [seen in photo's lower right corner], and a large portion of the collection was used to recreate this Rose Garden.

The male and female bison were sculpted in clay and are copies of the life-size bronzes that sculptor Edward Kemeys created in 1893 and were installed in the garden in 1911.

Additional materials: metal mesh, metal wire, tape, glue, string, acrylic medium, ceramics, and cement.

—Marjorie Woodruff

Where the Buffalo Roam

Two-month installation, 2004
Found objects and ceramics